AGM Start-Stop Battery

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Advanced Grid Production Technology: The battery has excellent anti-corrosion performance because of new alloy formula and advanced cold rolled grid technology; Also, very little water loss significantly extend the service life of the battery in high temperature environment.

AGM Technology: Oxygen released from positive pole can react with negative lead and gas emissions are controlled by special valve construction, which prevent vehicle components installed near the battery from being corroded; At the same time, due to AGM technology the battery has no free liquid electrolyte, even if the battery is cracked in the sudden accident such as intense turbulence or high speed collision it can still normally start vehicles.

High Assembly Pressure Design: High assembly pressure design can slow the positive paste shedding and prolong its life time greatly.

Lead Carbon Technology: With the most advanced composite carbon material, the battery’s charge acceptance is significantly improved, therefore,it can more quickly capture the feedback current from vehicle.

Long Cycle Life: The starting life is more than 200000 times, 2 times longer than ordinary battery.