HTB Series High Temperature Battery

SHOTO HTB series is a new product in the SHOTO battery family. This product has been designed for high temperature application, based on international advanced technology. Corrosion-resistant alloy material, special grid design, proprietary activator, low density electrolyte technology have been adopted in HTB battery.HTB battery devote itself to protect our Environment and Human with green clean energy and natural resources used effective.

Shoto Mall

Main Application

High temperature environment (35°C)

Off-grid & poor-grid environment

Renewable energy (wind & solar) site

Hybrid telecom site


Reduce operational cost (less cooling consumption)

Excellent deep cycling performance

Reduce CO2 emission

Secure operation under high temprature up to 55°C

Technical Features

Operating temperature range -20°C to +65°C

Best performance for continuous operation up to 35°C

Extend service life under high temperature

Excellent over discharge recovery capability

Long life design for cyclic or float application

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