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Brief introduction

  Portable Li-ion battery product is a high-tech product, first developed successfully by Shuangdeng Group Co., Ltd (Oversea Brand "Shoto") in China. It is integration , miniaturization , light-duty , intelligent , easy to use , energy conservation and environmental protection etc . The product is widely used in remote access equipment , mobile communication equipment , transmission equipment , satellite ground stations and microwave communications equipment , and other areas of the communication as an emergency backup power supply.

  The product adopt of AC power supply emergency access way, online access without interruption. And have the standard interfaces that are AC input, the AC and DC output , they can be use of AC or DC load for electrical requirements in the different scenarios; And product is designed by portable aluminum alloy rod box which is high strength, beautiful appearance, convenient handling. In addition, it can adapt to - 20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ condition to work; The lithium iron phosphate battery not only has high specific energy, small volume, light weight, long cycle life, but also has the battery overcharge, discharge protection, over current, short circuit , over temperature, monomer battery overcharge and discharge protection, etc.

Application scenarios

Mobile communication equipment

Micro base station communication equipment

Adventure, camping and fishing and other outdoor activities

Emergency rescue, important meetings and important activities