IDC HVP-Li Battery System Solution

Shoto Mall


Solution of shoto HVP-Li battery system, safe and reliable, long service life,floor area Small, simple operation and maintenance.

Application scenario

Enterprise Data Center

Large data center, IDC computer room

Disaster Recovery Backup Center

Telecom and Network Switch Room

Financial branches and traffic dispatch centers

Security system

Features and value

Lithium iron phosphate highly stable battery cell, excellent thermal stability and low heat production

High energy density, save 70% of floor space relative to lead acid

The float charge life can be up to 15 years (ordinary lead acid 3 ~ 7 years)

Cycle life up to 3000 times @ 100% DOD

Excellent rate performance, 2C discharge capacity ≥ 95%, supporting short-time high rate discharge

Support flexible expansion, mixing old and new

Support communication with power supply equipment to realize information exchange

Support maintenance mode, support continuous power maintenance when multiple clusters are used in parallel

Protection grade: IP20, good electrical safety protection design

Natural heat dissipation design, no fan, no noise, no maintenance, long life

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