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Shoto roots in the new energy of Africa,the exhibition again SSA 2015

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March 24-25,2015, "the era of big data leading green energy storage integration services providers" Shoto southernmost tip of the African continent came to participate in the South African city of Johannesburg, organized in 2015 Africa Power Energy Show (The solar show africa 2015), which is Shoto following the success of the exhibition tokyo, the Middle East, Barcelona, 2015 fourth station "Global Promotion year" activities. By participating in the heavyweight international trade show, Shoto will bring their latest products, technology, function more perfect new energy storage system solutions out of the country, providing a new way for green energy applications users around the globe.

To the China's new energy enterprises, Africa is a paradise for adventurers, where remote, barren, full of temptation, where "water depth, waves, fish", which boasts the world's best solar and wind energy resources, and huge energy deficit. Open a new global energy map, now the world's most growth potential of emerging markets, one is a recent Japan, one is the farthest Africa. As a leading provider of energy storage systems, Shoto roots of the African continent for over 10 years time, is good collaboration with local customers, has laid a solid foundation for the participation of the event, in addition to continuing to maintain the customer base to enhance the relationship between the outside, Shoto was first exhibited at the same time, many new areas of new energy system products (including HEL, 6-FMXH, FTC, ECB, 6-SPB, lithium, household off-grid power systems, etc.).

These new systems are products with superior technical features for grid conditions are relatively poor, the need to provide communications support from the energy storage device, accompanied by reduction in oil reserves, to save energy, reduce waste and emissions harmful to the environment demands more to the more urgent to ensure the normal operation of lighting systems, communication devices.

Shoto built in 2015 to start online business platform, this is also the focus of publicity for the African continent Shoto online business platform to facilitate the introduction of English and French local customers.

Shoto has been "green energy storage and love" philosophy of steady progress in the global storage areas, and to "create a green model for the industry, for mankind to create a green living, green future for the planet store" business purpose to promote global green energy development. Faced with growing international market, Shoto sustained attention in recent years, the integration of renewable energy systems, located in the "era of big data is a leading supplier of green energy storage integration services", increase the storage field of new products, new systems R & D efforts, electricity, telecommunications, petrochemicals, power supply in remote areas to provide customized system solutions.

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