6-SPB Series Super Power Lead-Carbon Battery

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Main Application

Vehicle starting

Generator system starting

Hybrid electric vehicle starting

Start-Stop system


Strong Starting Ability: Cold starting current is up to 16C20, is two times than the ordinary battery

Excellent Anti-vibration Performance: Anti-vibration performance is 15 times than that of ordinary battery, all kinds of complicated road conditions are available

Long Cycle Life: The starting life is more than 180000 times, 3 times longer than ordinary battery

Technical Features

The adoption of the cold rolled grid technology and ultra-thin plate, the battery has higher surface area, lower the internal resistance,after starting, the battery is charged very fast and the harm reduced for the long time charge

With a new valve-sealed design, there is no acid-leakage, not restricted by space, the battery can be placed in any direction

With the unique spiral wound design and cylindrical column structure, the battery has good structural stability, and no bulging