Shoto: Technical Innovation is the Prime Power for Corporate Development

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    For new energy enterprises, the first controllers of core technologies can take the lead in the market.
    Since its establishment in 1986, Shoto has been following an open path of technical innovation that serves as prime power for corporate development.
    For years, Shoto has been practicing the principal strategy of technical innovation for corporate development, aiming to scale new energy technology heights and committed to the research, development and industrialization of new energy technologies. In the principle of complementarity, mutual benefit and win-win, Shoto has effectively improved self innovation ability and promoted sustainable, rapid, sound and harmonious development in the integration of internal and external innovative resources, and combination of independent development and cooperative development. 

    Build Advanced Production Lines
   To better unfold technical innovation, Shoto has been making investments in the upgrade of production and R&D equipment. By far, Shoto has been well-equipped with first-rate equipment like Arbin BT2000 battery testing system, Solartron electrochemical workstation, Bitrode battery testing system, Malvern nano particle analyzer and M.Braun glovebox. The fine production and R&D equipment has greatly improved Shoto’s R&D and production capacities. 
    To develop more energy-efficient Li-ion products, Shoto has established Li-ion Battery Material Lab. With such specialized Li-ion battery production equipment as membrane makers, blenders, precision spot welders, housing formers and hot presses and heat sealers, Shoto can prepare materials, complete battery sample charge/discharge tests, product safety performance tests and management system tests. The 200-mu 100,000KWH/Year Lithium Battery Industry Base completed in 2006 has been put into production and generated profits. The P2 500,000KWH/Year production lines have also been completed and put into production. 

    Build Research Platforms
    Insisting on strategic cooperation with high-caliber research institutions in development, Shoto has been innovating research achievements. Headquartered in Beijing, Shoto has established China’s largest power manufacturing base in Jiangsu Shoto Technology Park and China’s largest battery manufacturing base in Runyang, Hubei. Shoto has further founded research bases in Beijing, Nanjing and Taizhou. 
    Meanwhile, Shoto has built a research team supported by consultants of noted experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. By far, Shoto has been staffed with 78 senior title holders, 121 intermediate title holders and 263 full-time researchers. Shoto also has the honor to invite industry experts Academician Yang Yusheng and Chen Liquan to join our Technical Committee. 
    Working with such famous research institutes as Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Science, GAD Chemical Defense Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University, Wuhan University and Nanjing Normal University, Shoto has established a long-term, stable research cooperation and talent exchange and training mechanism. 

   Innovative Technical Achievements
    Continuous efforts in technical innovation have allowed Shoto to develop a series of new energy products like gel batteries, supercapacitors, lithium-ion polymer batteries and materials, dye-sensitized solar cells, high-temperature batteries, lead-carbon batteries, winding batteries and fuel cells. Shoto has also undertaken some 80 national and provincial research plans and industrialization projects of the State 863 Program, National Torch Plan, National Key New Products, Jiangsu Key Technological Achievement Transformation Program, Jiangsu High-tech Research Plan, and Jiangsu High-tech Products, led and participated in the formulation of 13 national and industrial standards. 
By far, China shoto cumulative application of all kinds of patents and more than 100 pieces, authorized patent products nearly a hundred pieces, including invention patents and more than 20 pieces of work, the software copyright nearly 10 pieces. Dedicated to telecom, power, railway, aviation, military and civil industries, Shoto has been providing world-class enterprises with overall energy storage solutions. Taking up the largest market share among domestic mainstream telecom operators for years, Shoto has further acquired licensed access to dozens of European and American countries. Selling products in some 80 countries and regions including the U.S., Britain and India, Shoto has maintained overseas sales growth for 5 years. 
As China’s R&D, Production and Marketing Base of New Generation High-tech Energy Products, Shoto will continue to develop energy storage products.