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Smart-Li battery system for telecom
Smart-Li battery system for telecom

Product Brief

Application Scenarios

3分赛车app www.bullinstu.com FTTB,FTTH,RRU,BBU,and other small mobile telecom fields. Telecom energy storage scenarios such as telecom base stations, central server rooms,etc.

Key advantages

Battery left with a reserved interface, optional Bluetooth module, through the APP, real-time monitoring of battery status.

It can work directly under the condition that the charging and discharging working mode of the original telecom DC switching power supply system remains unchanged.

Battery management system with bi-directional DC power conversion technology,With bi-directional voltage increase and decrease function.

Smart lithium batteries can be used directly in parallel with the site's stock of batteries.

Support up to 32 groups of batteries in parallel

Use constant current and voltage working mode during working period and adjustable current limit for charging and discharging.

Flexible expansion of the compatible use of old batteries and lead-acid batteries.

The working voltage is adjustable, and the transmission loss is significantly reduced under the condition of meeting the DC long-distance supply.

Support a variety of ways to activate and force down the power function, with maintenance mode.

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