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SHVP lithium battery for IDC
High safety and reliable lithium iron phosphate battery cell is adopted, which has high-tech products of integration, miniaturization, lightness, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental...

Product Brief

Characteristics and value

3分赛车app www.bullinstu.com Compatible with three wire ups with neutral output;

Design of long life and high safety lithium iron phosphate battery core and vehicle specification module;

Self management function of charge and discharge under off-line state of R communication;

19 inch cabinet, flexible configuration, maximum 8 cabinets in parallel

AC / DC dual power supply;

Three level management architecture, which can query system, cluster, module and cell data online;

Over temperature, over-current, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge and other protection; 

0 distance fire protection, fire detection tube is placed in the battery pack to the point where the heat is out of control.

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  • Telecom
  • Backup power
  • Energy storage
  • Motive power
  • Floating
  • Cycling
  • High Temperature
  • IDC
  • UPS or EPS
  • Low Voltage Household ESS
  • High Voltage Household ESS
  • Commercial & Industrial ESS
  • Start/stop scenario
  • Electric energy