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6-GFMJ Series Gel Valve Regulated Sealed Battery

Product Brief

Main Applications

3分赛车app www.bullinstu.com Floating applications for telecom sites

UPS &EPS & emergency lighting syste

Military field, railway system

Power system

Fire alarm and security system


Designed life of 12 years

Excellent charging acceptability

Lifetime maintenance free, Low annual operating cost, reduced TCO

High security, reliability and stability

Attain Certificate

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

GB/T 28001

Technical Features

The separator adopts microporous PVC-SiO2 separator for colloidal battery, which has large porosity, small impedance

Special gel electrolyte without flowing to avoid acid stratification and can prolong service life

Excellent charging and discharging ability in low current

High-purity electrolyte and special additives, low self-discharge

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  • Telecom
  • Backup power
  • Energy storage
  • Motive power
  • Floating
  • Cycling
  • High Temperature
  • IDC
  • UPS or EPS
  • Low Voltage Household ESS
  • High Voltage Household ESS
  • Commercial & Industrial ESS
  • Start/stop scenario
  • Electric energy