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Work hand in hand丨Shuangdeng & Guangzhou Institute of Energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agreement
Views:12095Author:admin2 Publish Time:2021-11-12

3分赛车app www.bullinstu.com In order to strengthen technical reserves and lay out the entire lithium battery industry chain, on November 10, Shuangdeng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and reached a technical cooperation agreement on the topic of "new energy material recycling". Chief scientist of Guangzhou Institute of Energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Chen Yong of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director Lu Jiancheng, Deputy Director Sun Yongming, Chairman Dr. Yang Rui of Shuangdeng, and Vice President Zhong Yihua attended the ceremony and conducted in-depth exchanges. Director of Guangzhou Energy Institute Bai Yu, researcher Yuan Haoran, researcher Zheng Tao, and Sun Quan, deputy technical director of Shuangdeng attended the ceremony.

During the exchange, Chairman Dr. Yang Rui analyzed the respective advantages of enterprises and scientific research institutes, and expressed that the two parties should strengthen cooperation, do a good job in the transfer of the "relay zone" between technology and industrialization, accelerate the development of the energy storage industry, and be The vanguard of the energy storage era. Academician Chen Yong proposed that the development of recycling industry must be economical. Director Lu Jiancheng expressed that the tripartite industry-university-research cooperation is mutually beneficial. It will carry out two kinds of industry-university-research cooperations of "adapting measures to local conditions" and "recycling". With regard to the sustainable development of the lithium battery industry, he hopes to have in-depth cooperation with Shuangdeng, play the leading and exemplary role of the Academy of Sciences, and recycle lithium batteries. This problem is jointly advanced to the standardization stage.

Witnessed by Academician Chen Yong, Director Lu Jiancheng, and Chairman Yang Rui, Deputy Director Sun Yongming of Guangzhou Energy Institute and Vice President Zhong Yihua of Shuangdeng signed a strategic cooperation agreement and technology research and development cooperation agreement.

Over the years, Shuangdeng has always maintained strategic partnerships with major universities and research institutes, and completed a number of industry-university-research cooperation projects. On the one hand, it accelerates the transformation of scientific research results, on the other hand, it improves the core competitiveness of innovation and accelerates the company's development process. The strategic cooperation agreement signed this time is a summary of the previous stage of cooperation between the two parties, and it is a new starting point for the expansion of Shuangdeng's production-university-research platform. Under the "dual carbon" strategic goal, the two parties will discuss scientific research projects, technological blockages and other issues. Build up All-round cooperation, go hand in hand, and take off together.


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