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The Successful Holding of Shoto Global Core Partner Conference

Views:5464         Author:admin2         Publish Time:2016-04-04

The First Shoto Global Core Partner Conference and Signing Ceremony was held in Taizhou from March 29 to April 01, aimed at better serving the terminal clients, promoting the construction of worldwide cooperation channels, setting up anindustrial chain for co-creation, sharing, symbiosis and double win, and building a core partnership team with strong market service ability on a global scale. The partners in more than 10 worldwide key fields of communications and energy storage in Europe, America and the Asian-Pacific region were invited to this conference.

Shoto showed its present and future to the worldwide core partners by means of colorful activities, such as production base visit, Shoto culture experience, corporate strategy discussion, all series product technology knowledge training, and business talks, expressing its great vision for co-creation, symbiosis, sharing and double win, winning recognition from the partners, who expressed their willingness to deepen the cooperation with Shoto in an all-round way, and signed a cooperation agreement with Shoto.


In the future, Shoto will work hand in hand with the worldwide partners in seeking joint development based on good faith and reciprocity, to provide clients with timely and effective services, to keep climbing for creating a time-honored brand and leading the national industry!

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