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Shoto Made Its Appearance at the PV System Expo 2015

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SHOTO’s Booth at the PV System Expo 2015

       SHOTO Group, an expert in new energy system solutions, made its appearance at the PV System Expo 2015 held in Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center from February 25 to February 27, kicking off the first stop of its “Global Promotion Year.”

The Opening of the PV System Expo 2015

       During the three-day event, SHOTO showcased its leading energy storage systems, drawing the attention of many overseas customers and an endless stream of visitors from America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. Many reached a memorandum of understanding with SHOTO on spot, indicating the great development potential of energy storage in the global market.

Chief Engineer Mr. Hao Sancun of SHOTO’s New Energy Business Company Talking to Customers

       Making steady progress since its establishment in the business philosophy of “Save Big Love and Green Energy”, SHOTO has been advancing global green energy development directed by the business tenet of “Create Green Development Pattern for Industry and Green Lifestyle for Human, Store Green Power for Future!”

Mr. Hou Jinlong, Huawei’s Vice President and Network Energy President, and Mr. Zhou Ping, SHOTO’s CEO, Talking at the Expo

       In face with the continuously expanded international market, SHOTO has been focusing on the integration of renewable energy systems with the aim to “become a leading supplier of green energy storage integration services in the age of big data”, increasing research and development efforts in new energy storage products and systems, and providing customized systematic solutions for power, telecoms, petrochemical industry and power supply in remote areas.

Guests from Automotive Power Institute, Tsinghua University

       Working with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, colleges and universities, domestic and overseas specialized technical institutes in recent years, SHOTO has been launching technically-leading systems. The internet development strategy of “customers-centric” has allowed our products to better meet customer demands.

Receiving Customers from Huawei Japan

       Being part of the State Grid 2013 and 2014 State Microgrid Demonstration Park Project, SHOTO has laid a solid foundation in the storage, microgrid and wind-solar power generation markets.

SHOTO Personnel Introducing Our Products to the Visitors

       Through the vital international fair, SHOTO has brought the latest products, technologies and better-functioned new energy storage system solutions outside of China, introducing global users a new green energy application mode.

SHOTO Products at the PV System Expo 2015

       To be applied in energy conservation and emission reduction and off-grid power generation, SHOTO’s exhibits at the Expo includes high temperature batteries for non-air-conditioned, high temperature and low temperature environments, Li-Ion batteries, winding pure lead batteries for telecoms; deep-cycle batteries and fuel cells for energy storage under poor power grid conditions; household independent power source systems, household grid-connected PV power generation packaging systems for power supply or distributed grid-connected power supply of various loads.

SHOTO Personnel Introducing Our Products to the Visitors

       All the exhibited system solutions can serve as independent power systems, self-generating and self-use power systems with surplus power for grid connection, off-grid and grid-connected switching systems, and grid-connected systems based on different application loads and system operation modes. Built for the age of big data and internet to ensure better information processing, storage, transmission, exchange and management, SHOTO products have rigorous quality control from procurement and production to use, maintenance and replacement, saving costs and guaranteeing safety.

On-spot Negotiations

       Professional visitors from all over the world showed great interest in SHOTO “household power generation and storage system”. After learning about the system at the booth, potential customers from America, Australia and Southeast Asia expressed their strong desire for a partnership. An American customer placed an order worth several million yuan on spot.

SHOTO Personnel Introducing Our Products to the Visitors

       As the PV System Expo 2015 closed at February 27, SHOTO’s first show of 2015 Global Promotion Year came to a conclusion.

International Visitors Making Inquires

        In the upcoming month, SHOTO will again showcase its latest energy storage technologies and solutions at the Middle East Electricity 2015 in Dubai from March 2 to March 4, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from March 2 to March 5, and the Solar Show Africa from March 24 to March 25.

SHOTO’s Booth at the PV System Expo 2015

       In the 2015 Global Promotion Year, SHOTO will present its new technologies and products to global peers, demonstrate its green core competitiveness of sustainable development, and make the brand better known as a leader in global energy storage. Domestic and foreign peers are hereby cordially invited to our booths to discuss the industry and help promote the sound, orderly development of the industry.