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The Global Household Energy Storage Market Embracing Unlimited Potential

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       Affected by global climate change and geopolitics, the renewable energy sources have risen as a new force, drawing increasing attention from the world and directing the development of the new energy industry towards efficient, clean, low-carbon and eco-friendly. In tackling the grid connection difficulty of renewable energy sources, the energy storage industry has been offered a key development opportunity.
       According to incomplete statistics, the U.S. and Japan are still the leading energy storage demonstration and application countries in terms of project quantity and installed capacity, taking up 40% and 39% of the global installed capacity respectively. As an early developer of energy storage, the U.S. has developed nearly half of the demonstration projects in the world and commercialized several energy storage projects. The development and application of the U.S. energy storage technologies are indispensible from policy support, lithium-ion battery manufacturing and system integration in particular. The U.S. energy storage technologies are backed by comprehensive policies, sustainable development and massive government funds. In comparison to the U.S., Japan is an international leader in terms of sodium-sulfur battery, flow battery, modified lead acid battery energy storage technologies. After the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Japan has been primarily supporting household energy storage. After Japan’s introduction of subsidy policy for household energy storage systems, more and more energy storage systems have been subsidized and launched to the market. Already building market presence, the Australian public utilities, household energy storage and distributed energy market is expected to reach 3000MW in 2030. Meanwhile, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries have become emerging markets for microgrid. Geographically and economically, the large number of islands and large proportion of no-electricity access population have made microgrid the best solution for these countries. 
       At the PV System Expo this year, professional visitors from all over the world showed great interest in SHOTO household power generation and storage system. After learning about the system at the booth, potential customers from America, Australia and Southeast Asia expressed their strong desire for a partnership. An American customer placed an order worth several million yuan on spot. SHOTO exhibited household independent power source systems and household grid-connected PV power generation packaging systems for power supply or distributed grid-connected power generation of various loads. SHOTO also provides independent power systems, self-generating and self-use power systems with surplus power for grid connection, off-grid and grid-connected switching systems, and grid-connected systems based on different application loads and system operation modes.

Samsung Global Strategy Experts Making Exchanges at the SHOTO Booth

LG’s R&D Director and Others Learning about SHOTO Household Energy Storage Systems

       SHOTO household solar PV power generation and storage system contains solar cell modules made of photoelectric silicon semiconductors. In sunlight, luminous energy is converted into electric energy, and then into DC and AC usable by loads through the controller or inverter. Composed of solar cell modules, all-in-one controller and inverter, and storage batteries, the PV power generation system can directly provide power supply for DC (AC) loads. Therefore, the system can provide electricity for the army and the people in such remotes areas without electricity access as plateaus, islands, pasturing areas and frontier sentries. 
       Technical Features and Strengths:
       1. The smart control system is highly reliable and easy to use. After the users correctly insert the positive and negative terminals into the controller as indicated and switch it on, the system will provide power supply for the loads. No other settings are needed. The system also features automatic failure diagnosis, protection and restoration;
       2. With an embedded handle, the system is easy to handle, saving packaging and transportation costs;
       3. Through operation parameters on the LCD monitor, uses can learn about how the system operates anytime.

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