6-SPB Series Spiral Pure Lead Battery

The product of 6-SPB series is a newly developed Spiral Battery by Shoto Group. With the unique winding structure, high assembly pressure and valve opening pressure, the battery dehydration is greatly reduced. Compared to ordinary battery, the battery has a superior high temperature discharge performance and large current discharge performance, greater security and better fast charging capability and so on. The product is protected by five patents, namely:02112897.9、03152809.0、03221098.1、 200310112676.1、200510040205.3.

Shoto Mall

Main Application


Communication station

Solar energy storage

Smart grid

Different standby power supply


Applicable in -45°C ~ 75 °C

The cycle life of 100% DOD reaches more than 350 times

The designed float life is 15 years

The time of high rate discharge is two times more than ordinary battery

Technical Features

With ultra-thin high purity lead frame design, a higher charge efficiency with trickle current is achieved

With unique spiral wound design ,the dehydration and bulging deformation of the battery are avoided in high-temperature

Excellent fast charging performance, more than 95% of electricity is gained within 40 minutes

Good battery consistency, available more strings in parallel

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